Democrats lurching left

If you look at every Democrat either running for President or talking about running for President, it seems like they have one thing in common.

They are all running to the left. More specifically the far left. They are trying to out-progressive each other, which doesn’t surprise political consultant Joe Brettell.

“They are beginning to give into the base elements of their party, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” Brettell said.

Democratic strategist Matt Angle of the Texas Lone Star Project tells KTRH the media has certainly focused on her and not on more mainstream Democrats.

“She gets a lot of attention. Anything she says gets portrayed as if it’s a mainstream view of Democrats,” Angle explained.

In the end, Brettell says here in Texas, the strategy of going super left just won't work.

“If they are looking to grow their party here, they can’t go all the way to the left on major social issues, adding that Democrats think they have a mandate to go further left after last year's midterms.

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