Bitten Baby's Houston Mother Seeking Answers From Daycare

Andrea Johnson, mother of a 4-month-old, is searching for answers after finding her baby was bitten several times on his little body. She discovered the bites on the baby after picking him up from Candi's Day School in southeast Houston. 

Now she's seeking answers after her son's cheek, foot, hand and wrist were riddled with red bite marks as well as multiple bruises. 

She's been sending the baby to the daycare since he was 6-months-old but Johnson has no intention of taking him back to the daycare. 

The owner reportedly told the baby's mother a 1-year-old girl allegedly injured her baby while the caregiver turned away for a short time to change another baby's diaper. 

However the baby's mom believes it happened over time and not just during one incident like the daycare reportedly told her. 

Local CPS and police authorities are still investigating the incident. The baby was checked out by a local area hospital then released.

After checking records of the day care (you can check your daycare too at, state records show the daycare business has three recorded violations since 2017. 

Now the baby's mother should be charged with a crime.

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