Adult dress code at students’ schools

In a few weeks, a bill aimed at telling adults how to dress on school grounds is expected to be introduced for Tennessee schools.

The bill would require the code of conduct to be posted on every school entrance.

An adult dress code would be implemented to each school’s existing code of conduct for visitors to send a positive message to students.

Houston Federation of Teachers President Zeph Capo said he gets it, but how do you enforce it?

"What line do you cross passing judgment, or where's the level of expectation and who does that apply to and how do we actually get there, when you're talking about public spaces," said Capo.

He said this could be used as a teaching moment in what message do your clothes send to others.

"Understand each other and be more respectful of everyone's counter position and hopefully we'll have less conflict around these things," said Capo.

He said there's a limit on someone's freedom and individuality before it crosses the line to the rights, respect and responsibilities of society as a whole.

He said clothes don't make a person, but how people portray their image and have self-respect is important.

He added there's a proper time and place for everything, so what is suitable in other places, might not be ok in a professional setting.

Education expert David Dillard works on trying to get adults to be positive role models for students when applying for college.

He said it’s a dangerous thing when the state legislature gets involve, and sad that it has to get to that point. He said this is similar to the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” in restaurants.

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