POLL: Should the U.S. increase legal immigration?

President Trump has been fighting illegal immigration since the day he took over as President. While he is doing that, there are those who feel we should increase legal immigration at the same time.

It is actually something other countries like Canada are planning to do. Steven Camarota with the Center for Immigration Studies tells KTRH that for us this would be about adding more skilled people to our workforce.

“The most skilled people pay a lot in taxes, don’t use a lot in services, and contribute more to the economy,” he said.

Camarota also says that adding legal immigrants would also help with our declining birthrate. But that's also a double edged sword.

“Some point out you will have negative impacts on the environment. There would also be more congestion,” Camarota explained, adding that others look at it like it's a greater opportunity for businesses and consumers.

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