Notre Dame bows to PC Thugs

Perhaps the height of political correctness is the effort to end Columbus Day. Columbus supporters say it's based on ignorance and blind hatred of old, dead white men. Now Notre Dame is under pressure to cover up some Columbus murals painted in the 1880s.

Andre DiMino is with the Italian American One Voice Coalition.

"It is an American holiday celebrating opening up this part of the world to all the development that occurred. Now, the indigenous people may not like it, but it's a fact that we all wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Columbus starting that voyage."

DiMino says Columbus has unfairly been made a scapegoat by activists.

"Some people are just taking him as the figurehead for all the atrocities that occurred after him, but there were also atrocities that occurred before he was here."

DiMino says if Notre Dame does cover up Columbus murals that were painted in the 1880s it'll be a slap in the face to all Italian Americans.

"The vocal minority (around 300 of 8,000 students), who now say they're so oppressed by these gigantic murals that have been there since the 1880s in the main building of Notre Dame; to have them taken down is just a disgrace. They're gonna cover them up and obfuscate them and it's the wrong thing to do."

DiMino says rather than cover up those campus murals, Notre Dame should add some murals depicting indigenous people.

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