Media attacks piling up on Trump

President Donald Trump has now been in office for two years, and the mainstream media has been on the attack constantly. Those attacks have taken a number of different forms.

There have been the reporters, like Jim Acosta of CNN, who have taken it upon themselves to become the story instead of reporting the story. But by far, the biggest weapon the media has used against Trump is ‘Fake News.’

“It’s the number one media attack. Just look at what happened with the BuzzFeed story, which was discredited by the Mueller investigation over the weekend,” Dan Gainor with the Media Research Center explained.

Because of all these attacks, Gainor says Trump has changed the way the game is played. Now we have a President that calls the media out, which is not what Republicans have done historically.

“If the game is fixed, stop playing the game by those rules. Republicans have played that game for years,” Gainor stated.

And haven't been winning. But Trump is, which is why Gainor says you see other global leaders treating the media the same way Trump does.

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