Is social justice the death of real justice?

Social media, and social justice warriors were quick to condemn the kids from Covington Catholic High School while painting Nathan Phillips as a hero. That is lading to questions about social justice in 2019.

That's because the more we learned about what happened, the more we found out the social justice warriors got it wrong. Tiana Lowe with the Washington Examiner told KTRH social justice is the death of real justice.

“It lumps together historical averages and attempts to correct them through retroactive means,” Lowe said.

Which she says is simply wrong.

“You cannot use the actions of a few to justify blaming everyone else you perceive to be a part of that,” Lowe explained.

Many are afraid of the wildfire that spreads through social media sites like Twitter, including KTRH's Rush Limbaugh.

"The media has become a left wing mob on its own. Twitter is a left wing mob," Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday.

That said, political analyst Debbie Georgatos says it was Twitter that also got people to realize how wrong they were about Covington.

“To have other cameras present is making it harder to continue their lies,” Georgatos stated.

And she says that's the only way to stop this from happening.

“That’s the only way to fight this distortion of American, Georgatos told KTRH News.

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