Look Who's benefiting from the Partial Shutdown

To her critics, Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt Secretaries of State in history. But the Clintons are slippery. She should be under investigation for a boatload of possible crimes, but she's benefiting from delays caused by the partial government shutdown.

Political insider Chris Begala says Hillary will probably skate on her illegal personal email server.

"I'm sorry, but I believe there's little or no chance that she will actually see justice."

Critics believe Clinton had a personal server to hide bribes made to the Clinton Foundation.

"She specifically set out to go around federal law, to go around -- not wanting people to be able to see her business."

Begala says it's possible some Clinton cronies, like Susan Rice, may go down. But Begala doubts Hillary will be held accountable for her failure to act in Benghazi -- where U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was brutally murdered.

"There were over 250 requests from the Ambassador for more security and he ends up dying -- killed -- and nothing at all as far as justice is served in relation to Hillary Clinton."

Begala says it's sad the partial government shutdown is delaying investigations into the former Secretary of State.

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