POLL RESULTS: Capitol Aides Fear Shutdown Headed for Disaster

With the Trump administration and Democratic leaders firmly entrenched over the partial government shutdown, aides on Capitol Hill fear it may take a major catastrophe to finally end it.

Aides on both sides of the aisle have reportedly expressed fear of a frustrated air traffic controller possibly causing a crash, maybe a terror attack or major food scare due to the lapse in FDA inspections.

Cal Jillson, political science professor at Southern Methodist University, says President Trump is taking the brunt of the criticism, but both sides are feeling the pressure to end it.

“If air traffic controllers and the TSA employees were to go out in larger numbers and air travel be disrupted, that would put a great deal of pressure on the politicians in Washington,” he says. 

Jillson thinks a resolution will happen sooner rather than later.

“Federal financial benefits like food stamps will slowly begin to run out of money in states over the next month or so, and that again will be stories of families under a great deal of pressure.”

In the end, Jillson says neither side's base will be happy with whatever agreement is made.

“Democrats would be wise to find a way to let Trump to dismount this thing by benefits for the DACA young people, some border security, maybe even a little money for the wall, and get the government open,” he says.

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