Stay-at-Home Parenting is Hard Work

Sugar Land Private Wealth Adviser Derrick Kinney agrees: “There’s no way I could put a price on the value of a stay-at-home mom or dad.” 

However, he disagrees with the sum SALARY.COM figures their work would pay annually in real-world salaries.  A whopping $162.581!!

“In terms of the cost of having a mom or dad stay home, this survey doesn’t come close to what a family would lose to do that. “It cannot only be good for the couple --- but also good for the kids to be a part of the family working together and saving money at the same time.”

Stay at home parents accomplish a lot every day. But Kinney points out when SALARY.COM added up the wages of all the jobs they perform, it used wages at the top of a professional’s salary and that’s just not practical. 

stay at home parent

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