Don’t Go Outside with Wet Hair!

Baylor College of Medicine Physician's Assistant instructor Isabel Valdez says she hears a lot of interesting reasons for catching cold in her practice. Ideas like ‘going outside in cold and rainy weather will bring on a cold,’ ‘keep your head covered or you’ll catch cold,’ ‘take your vitamins to stave off a cold,’ and the all-time favorite ‘don’t go outside with wet hair or a cold is on its way to you!’  Are any of these ideas accurate?  “Absolutely not!” answers Valdez. “In fact, I ran the Aramco Half Marathon on Sunday in the wet and cold --- and I’m doing just fine.”  

Valdez sees people sick with cold and flu every day.  How does she NOT catch a cold? 

“My big secret is to wash my hands all the time. I also try to squeeze in 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. I exercise 3 times a week and eat healthful meals, and of course, in between all these activities I’m washing, washing, washing my hands!” 

And stay away from your sick friends!

washing washing washing my hands

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