Avon called out for body shaming in ads targeting age and cellulite

Avon issued an apology for an ad that said "dimples are cute on your face, not on your thighs"...and some considered that body shaming.

Another ad campaign reads, "Every body is beautiful," then offers products to "reduce cellulite, firm skin and soften stretch marks".

"Things like cellulite and our skin is going to sag because it's a normal part of the aging process  But, then I can turn that around and say, 'is there anything wrong with wanting to be the best you can be at any age?'," said licensed professional counselor Leigh Richardson.

She said social media has helped heighten people's sensitivity.

Richardson said corporations and companies are realizing that doing good business is getting a lot more complicated in a much more sensitive world.

"There is a role that corporations and companies have to play and they have to have an ear (to the ground) and be very, very sensitive," said Richardson.

She said it shouldn't be about how much you weigh, but if you're healthy.

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