You can't legislate Climate Change

Some Democrats like to lecture about climate change and tell you you're anti-science if you disagree. Well, what they're pitching may be more witchcraft than science.

Marc Morano of is perhaps the premier global warming debunker. He says it's an inconvenient truth for Al Gore that warming does not cause more hurricanes.

"Not only did global warming not increase hurricanes but the data shows we've had far worse hurricanes when carbon dioxide was much lower in the atmosphere."

Morano says it makes sense to think warmer water means more hurricanes, but the evidence just doesn't support it.

"There's so many factors that come into a hurricane that warmer seawater is not the end-all-be-all controlling driver of a hurricane."

Morano says more government certainly isn't the answer.

"Mankind cannot legislate storms or the weather through government action; it becomes akin to medieval witchcraft to believe we can."

Morano says most of the claims in Al Gore's global warming advocacy documentaries are not backed up by scientific evidence.

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