POLL: Did Trump set a trap for Democrats?

Conservatives hate how much government has grown. It’s possible President Trump set a trap for Democrats, and found a way to make government smaller.

That's because some federal workers who are furloughed for 30 days are more can actually be laid off under some circumstances. We’ve hit that point thanks to the partial government shutdown. Melissa Mackenzie with the American Spectator told KTRH considering what happened under then President Obama, this isn't exactly bad news.

“Under President Obama, the public sector just exploded. There really needs to be a reduction,” Mackenzie said.

And Mackenzie adds that if this in fact does happen, that's another win for this President.

“If they thought this ahead of time, I love it. It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing,” Mackenzie stated.

That said, the President hasn't said anything about doing this to any federal worker.

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