Young adults losing their religion

A new survey finds young adults (18-22) are dropping out of church

They’ve decided that the church doesn’t help their faith, or faith just isn’t important.

Across the board, life changes, like moving to college; followed by thinking church members were judgmental or hypocritical were causes for 18-22 to leave.

Houston Baptist University assistant professor of government and philosophy Shannon Holzer said there's a big dip once they graduate from high school.

"They're now directing their own lives and they've got other, both academic and economic pressures, along with social pressures. They're in a brave new world, all by themselves, making their own decisions," said Holzer.

Young folks also cited different ethics or political beliefs for dropping out.

"I think it's a lot of the sociological factors. Some actually do lose their faith. Some never had the faith to begin with. They were just going because their parents made them go," said Holzer.

The survey found young folks also cited different political beliefs for dropping out. Student and youth ministry reasons contributed to their decision not to go.

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