Mayor, Firefighters Still at Impasse Over Prop B

Still no movement on voter-approved pay raises for Houston firefighters after the mayor and union met Wednesday at City Hall.

Mayor Sylvester Turner insists the city cannot afford the pay raises laid out in Proposition B, and is asking the firefighters' union to help soften the blow.

“I'm willing to entertain any proposal that will reduce the cost of Prop B, minimize layoffs and minimize a reduction of city services, and I'm open to any and all proposals that will achieve that,” said Turner.

IAFF Local 341 President Marty Lancton says the mayor only has two options.

“You can implement Proposition B, which is the law and the city is in violation of the law right now,” he says.  “Or you can implement Proposition B by amending the law through a legal collective bargaining contract.”

Both sides have filed competing lawsuits over Prop B.  Lancton says the mayor's actions speak louder than words.

“The city of Houston has failed to pay into the Houston firefighters'medical trust fund, something that truly is problematic, not only for the firefighters and their families, but that's not something that is very difficult which was on the proposition.”

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