Is media painting accurate picture of shutdown?

The way the mainstream media is painting the picture, the partial government shutdown is impacting everyone. That is simply not the case.

Nobody has missed a flight even with the checkpoints at Terminal B at Bush Intercontinental being closed since Sunday. Yes, federal workers haven't been paid. But Republican strategist Jessica Colon says it's not like those workers are losing out on that check forever.

“They are going to receive back pay. I know many entities are giving federal employees grace periods to pay their bills,” Colon explained.

We've had shutdowns before without this kind of media reaction. For instance, when American automakers were in danger of going out of business.

“I do not remember the media going out there and asking these workers how this was impacting them,” Colon stated.

And Colon says that was because the mainstream media didn't think it was in their interest to report it like that even though real people were being affected.

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