Austin City Moonlighters Forced to Disclose Second Job

The city of Austin will soon require employees to notify their supervisors if they work a second job.  The information will then be entered into the employee's record.

Much like the former press secretary for Houston's mayor, the city of Austin accuses at least one employee using company time and resources for a side job.  Shy of working on the city's dime, Dr. Daren Martin, “The Culture Architect,” believes moonlighting is nobody else's business.

“The classic story is my mom worked three jobs to take care of the family,and I think there needs to be a lot more flexibility around that,”says Martin.  “I can't tell you how many Uber and Lyft drivers I've had that say I'm doing this after I get off from my regular job.”

“People wanting to own a food truck or drive for Uber, that kind of thing, I really don't think that's any of the city's or any company's business.”

Martin says these are the times we live in.

“Everything we have held near and dear is starting to shift,” he says.  “We'reliving in much more of a gig economy and much more in a situation where it's talent-for-hire, and that's going to create more and more of these conversations as we go.”

We reached out the city of Houston, but a spokesperson for the mayor said they were unable to make anyone available.

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