#1 Netflix Show in Texas

Netflix is hot, and the streaming video service, available in 190 countries with more than 126 original series, has a lot of followers in Texas.

“There are 58 million subscribers to Netflix in the United States alone,” says Eric Griffith, feature editor for PC Magazine.  Worldwide there are more than a million subscribers.

The folks at HighSpeedInternet, a company that monitors high speed internet traffic, broke out the viewing habits of the 50 states to determine what’s hot and what’s not.

In Texas, it’s “Jane the Virgin.”


Yep, Jane the Virgin is the number one most streamed Netflix show in the Lone Star State and California both, and only those two states.

It is a CW series billed as a satiric romantic comedy drama that was named TV Program of the Year by the American Film Institute starring Gina Rodriguez, who won a Best Actress Award at the 1974 Golden Globes.

The last season premieres on the CW on March 29.

In neighboring states Oklahoma, Louisiana and Kansas, “Orange is the New Black” is the top show, as well as West Virginia. 

Nationwide, “13 Reasons Why” is the most watched program, just ahead of the six-episode British production “The End of F***ing World.”  “Among the top five is also Marvel’s ‘Daredevil,’ a super-hero show, ‘Orange is the New Black,’ which is the all-women prison show, and ‘Stranger Things,’ which is the highly-popular science fiction show set in the 1980’s,” says Griffith.


The full list with map can be found here.

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