What Gadgets Say About Us

Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2017

“Well, number one I think we’re lazy,” says KPRC’s High Tech Texan Michael Garfield.  He attended last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, reporting daily as the parade of electronic gadgets went on, and says the variety of choices makes a powerful statement about the state of our society.  “We have all these assistants right now.  We’ve got Amazon’s Alexa, and I’m telling, Google came on strong with Google Assistant.”  Garfield says Google’s display was among the most impressive at the annual exhibition of the latest technology.

He makes a valid point.  We’ve developed all kinds of ways to simplify tasks, and gadgets to help us manage our precious time.  Garfield says he worried that as a society we may become too dependent on our smart assistants, forgetting how to accomplish those simple tasks.

A run-through of some of the most talked about gadgets at CES 2019 reveals our obsession with raising good children, and educating them. Garfield says technologies reach into our lives is most apparent when you look at what kids today have to deal with compared to when we were young.  “When we were young we actually had to talk. We had to sit with our parents, and play parlor games, and Monopoly and board games. Now, kids are buried in their phones.  It’s really almost getting too intense.”  TV’s and 5G were hot topics, made appealable when models demonstrated their benefits for your kids.

Today’s gadgets reveal just how tired we are.  We’re in constant search of making life easier.  We’re stressed, and looking for ways to relax when not checking the new home security alarm system now linked to our smartphones, which is stressing us out even more.

The hamster wheel goes round and round.

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