Millions raised by Americans to build border wall

Since the government has not been able to get the wall built, Americans have come together to raise money to get it done.

Brian Kolfage is the triple-amputee veteran who launched the GoFundMe page We Build the Wall to raise $1 billion.

Kolfage said regardless of political opinion, Republicans and Democrats are coming together to raise money. 

"And there's landowners who want the wall. They're sick of the crime, they're sick of what's going on. And, we're going to give them the option to have a wall that has an impact on their security, and you know, to help out with national security," said Kolfage.

He said they're currently contacting landowners along the Texas and Arizona border. So far, every landowner supports their mission.

"There's an outpouring of support for this wall coming from Democratic voters. And, that's why I'm doing this. And, it shows we can come together and do this without our politicians," said Kolfage.

He said they're looking to break ground in the coming months.

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