POLL/AUDIO: An extended stay at the Border for U.S. Troops

The U.S. military is assisting with border security in Texas and the Pentagon says they'll be there through the end of September. Homeland Security requested the extension.

Some of the troops are in Donna, east of McAllen in Hidalgo County. This soldier told Fox it's not that bad.

"It is a little strange; it's kind of nice because usually, we're defending somebody else's homeland and for a change, it's our own, so it's a little change of pace but it's kind of nice."

Senator Ted Cruz told KTRH host Sean Hannity an extension is what the voters want.

"The American people want the border secured, it's the right thing to do; the Democrats are just being obstructionist."

Democrats say it's just a political stunt. But Senator Cruz says it's why Americans vote for republicans over democrats.

"They are opposed to border security and that's a big reason why Republicans grew our majority in the Senate this election, as the President noted, winning North Dakota and Indiana and winning Texas because the American people want the border secured."

There are about 2,350 troops assigned to the border.

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