You Suffer from the Flu --- So Can Your Dogs!

Dr. Clara Scott of My Family Vet in Spring says canine influenza hasn't been around for too long - and the symptoms may sound familiar to you. “Runny nose, cough, lethargic,  doesn’t want to eat.”    Don't worry - they can't give it to you.

Dogs can only give it to each other. Dr. Scott warns, “But --- YOU can spread it from one dog to another by petting a dog with the flu and then petting another dog.”

Two pharmaceutical companies already make the canine influenza vaccine and your vet should have it on hand.  “If you and your dog visit the dog park and your dog is around other dogs a lot --- definitely get the vaccine,” says Dr. Scott.

But if your dog stays in your house and yard and you walk them in your neighborhood - it's probably not necessary. “No dog needs every shot! That’s just silly.”

Most important - Dr. Scott advises you to talk about your dog's lifestyle with your vet before having her/him get any kind of vaccination.

canine influenza

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