Swing voters warming up to wall

Democrats might want to pay attention to what swing voters are saying when it comes to border security.

Those swing voters are starting to support the President's push for a border wall. Polling last year showed only 30% of swing voters backed the wall. That is now up to 40%. Jesse Kelly with our sister station 950 KPRC explains why the tide is turning.

“People have eye. This used to cross party lines,” Kelly explained.

But Democrats and the mainstream media are now vehemently against the wall, even though Hillary Clinton and former President Obama have fortified their homes with security that includes walls and fences.

“You will never get the media to make a concentrated effort to expose their hypocrisy,” Kelly said.

A separate poll on immigration done by Quinnipiac University showed 54% agree that the lack of border security has created a "crisis."

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