POLL RESULTS: Obstructing Trump now non-stop political war

President Trump has been trying to get his agenda passed for about two years now. Democrats have tried to block him at every turn. Now that they control the House of Representatives they are turning up the heat.

Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review says all you have to do is look at the Democratic agenda. It's all about Trump and less about you.

“Their man focus is to investigate and harass the President,” Polland said.

Former FBI official Terry Tuchie told Fox News this includes disbanding a terror subcommittee to form one investigating the President.

“The resistance is very much alive and well,” Tuchie stated.

And Polland tells KTRH this move puts your safety at risk.

“The Democrats believe there’s no longer a reason to worry about terrorism in the world. That’s clearly the case,” Polland explained, adding that if the left keeps this up, they will regret it in 2020.

President Trump

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