NEW DRINK: Partial Government Shutdown, In a Bottle

(Atlanta, GA)  --  The longest government shutdown in U.S. history is now in its 25th day and the fallout continues.  This is the first day tens of thousands of members of the Coast Guard are expected to miss a paycheck since the shutdown started.  

At many of the nation's already busy airports, passengers are running into long lines to be screened by TSA agents who aren't getting paid.  They're just some of the 800-thousand federal workers either furloughed or having to work without a paycheck.  

And there's still no end in sight to the shutdown, triggered over President Trump's demand for more than five-billion-dollars in funding for a wall along the southern border.  Democrats have refused to include that money in any spending bill and Trump has promised to veto any bill without it.

Now a British soda company is capitalizing on the shutdown, by bottling it. So how does a partial government shutdown actually taste

Here's your first look!

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