Fake Car Facts

Last year we learned from DriversEd.com that most Americans admit to texting while driving at least once.  This year they found out how many of the things we think we know about driving and car maintenance could be pure mythology!  DriversEd.com conducted a survey to see just how many people are off-base.

“One of the myths many people still believe is that you have to change your oil every 3,000 miles,” says Laura Adams of DriversEd.com.  “Your dad told you that a long time ago. Actually, car experts tell us we can ride a lot longer than that!  Check your car manual and check the oil for the level and quality.” 

Ms. Adams also has some interesting information you may not have known.  “Your driving record can affect your credit score. It definitely affects your insurance rates – and that includes life insurance.  Your record shows what a risk you might be!”  She was surprised by how many people believe one of the oldest myths about driving: men are better drivers than women.  “Actually,” says Ms. Adams, “statistics and other studies show that women are safer drivers than men and are in fewer accidents.” 

To see a report on the complete study, click here

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