A One and done Flu Shot

Researchers at Texas Tech are working on what would be a game-changer: a universal flu shot. You might only need to take it once and you're protected for life!

Dr. Harvinder Gill is a chemical engineer and he's optimistic this shot will happen, but there's no time table.

"Ideally I would think the universal vaccine would work very similar to a Tetanus shot or Hepatitis-B vaccine."

Dr. Gill says the universal flu shot could need boosters.

"You could take it for one shot or you may need booster doses, meaning, like for Hepatitis you have to take three shots and then you're immune for life."

Dr. Gill says it could be "get it and forget it."

"A universal vaccine is something, conceptually, should be able to work against all the different strains that exist, or might come out in the future, and you won't have to update the vaccine."

Texas Tech got a $3.46-million grant from the National Institutes of Health to fund the research.

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