The flu is attacking more and more people the area, according to Dr. Michael Chan of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Memorial Hermann. “In the last couple of weeks we have had a definite increase in the number of flu tests that show ‘positive’ from the emergency rooms and various provider offices.” Even though we’re in the flu season --- if you have not had a flu shot yet --- get one! “If we could get you from completely getting the flu – that would be great! But we’re just not quite there yet. We want to try to minimize the risk of Severe Flu. The flu shot is the best way to do that” Dr. Chan concluded.   

Dr. Chan says if you or your kids are contagious with the flu, stay home! And here's how you know you're contagious. “When you are sneezing and coughing, blowing your nose…you are potentially able to spread flu virus” says Chan.  Flu shots are available almost everywhere.  Many employers or insurance policies pay for them.

It's nothing to take lightly. Severe cases can become fatal.

flu victim

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