Terminal B ticketing and security check point at Bush Airport closed

The government shutdown hits Houston's big airport.  A ticketing counter and the security checkpoint in Terminal-B was shut down Sunday afternoon, due to a shortage of TSA agents.  Passengers were re-routed through Terminals C and E and the flight scheduled was maintained.

Former TSA manager Ray Ruis spoke with our TV partner KPRC Channel-2

"When you have high stakes, and you have that intense pressure, and you're only making $35,000 a year, morale is at an all-time low... The officers constantly feel like they're being kicked; they're the red-headed stepchild of the federal agency.  When shutdowns come and they're not being paid and they're being used as political pawns, it's no wonder we're seeing an increase in call outs."

Police are re-directing traffic away from Terminal B.  There is no word yet on when it will be re-opened.

Passengers are encouraged to arrive at least two hours before their flight departure time. 

Houston Airports released the following statement:

"Due to staffing issues associated with the partial shutdown of the federal government, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) securitycheckpoint and the ticketing counter in Terminal B at George Bush Intercontinental Airport closed at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019, and will remain closed the rest of the day.

"Flights scheduled to depart from Terminal B will operate as normal. Passengers with flights scheduled to depart from Terminal B are being directed to the ticket counters and TSA checkpoints located in Terminal C and Terminal E.

"Passengers are encouraged to arrive early and give themselves extra time to check in for their flights and to clear the security checkpoints. For passengers flying out of Terminal B, once checked in passengers can walk or take the Skyway tram to Terminal B to reach their departing gate. Passengers can utilize the interactive terminal map available on fly2houston.com to help navigate their way back to Terminal B. That information can be found at this link."

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