Small payout for conservatives targeted under Obama

At least 100 wrongfully targeted conservative and tea party organizations, under the Obama administration's watch, are finally getting retribution from the IRS.

A 2013 inspector general’s report found the IRS had singled out, originally, some 400 groups.

Reportedly, some groups were improperly questioned about their donors and their religious affiliations and practices.

The IRS is paying right wing tax-exempt groups for intense scrutiny of their political beliefs in a class action settlement.

Rice University political science professor Mark Jones said some IRS employees were discriminating against conservative and tea party groups.

"By either rejecting their applications or more commonly, simply delaying them for an egregiously long amount of time, often as much as two years," said Jones.

He said this kept some groups from forming and operating in a way that more progressive groups were allowed to do.

Jones said once got out, the issue received a lot of attention.

"If something similar were happening under the Trump administration, to progressive groups and they were being delayed in terms of their ability to perform and operate, it definitely would probably get more attention than this did during the Obama administration," said Jones.

He said it's really just a symbolic payout with the couple of thousands of dollars going to pay legal fees.


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