Do You have the Winter Blues?

We all feel a little down, every now and then. But seasonal affective disorder, the Winter Blues, is a problem for about five percent of the population.

Some of us get up for work before the sun rises and the sun is down before we get home.

"If you're in a little cubicle, you don't have any windows and there's no sun then, yeah, it can certainly be a problem for some percentage of people."

Dr. David Barczyk says exercise is the key.

"If we get up and we get physically active, even if it's a little dark outside, you're firing your brain cells, you're increasing your circulation and when you fire brain cells your mood automatically gets lifted because of endorphin release." 

Dr. Barczyk says those with sedentary jobs are the ones most in need of a walk.

"And if you have a sedentary job you gotta get up and even if you don't go for a long walk just get up and walk around the office and it's going to make you feel better almost immediately."

Some patients also use a UV light to combat seasonal affective disorder.

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