POLL: Angel Moms dispute ‘manufactured crisis’ label

The Mainstream Media likes to call the situation at the border and illegal immigration a “manufactured crisis.” Angel Moms who have lost children to crimes committed by illegals feel very differently.

Laura Wilkerson of Pearland lost her son to a murder nine years ago. She tells KTRH the label is a slap in the face.

“It’s like being punched in the gut again,” she stated. “It’s absolutely crazy.”

Another Angel Mom, Mary Ann Mendoza with AngelFamilies.com, says calling the crisis manufactured just doesn't make sense.

“How can you be a red-blooded American, have a family, have children, and have grandchildren and not fear at some point that something is going to happen to your family,” Mendoza asked.

And Wilkerson says what makes it worse is that the Mainstream Media refuses to tell their stories.

“We’ve tried to get the stories out. There are so many more stories that don’t get on TV,” Wilkerson explained, adding that she’s never been interviewed by CNN or MSNBC about the death of her son.

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