Start Your Morning Slowly

There have been countless books about how really successful people hardly sleep, are up before the roosters crow and have accomplished more before sunrise than most people do before bedtime.

But that might not be the best way to live life.

“I think when people do this right they think about starting the morning with something that will set the tone for the rest of the day, says Laura Vandercam, author of “What the Most Successful People Do before Breakfast” and several other books.   She’s a time management aficionado. “Unfortunately I think a lot of people start the day in a battle with the snooze button.”

She says there is no “best” way to start your days.  It’s about what works for you, and for many, that’s a slow start of meditation, exercise, yoga, reading, thinking, or sipping a piping hot cup of coffee on the balcony watching the sun slowly rise.

That’s what international executive leadership coach Nicolo Albini advises.  “I believe easing into a day is really, really beneficial at many different levels.  The mental, physical and emotional levels allow us to be more present in the day.”  He says being present in the moment is what gives life its joy.

So take it easy on yourself.  It’s Monday.  There is a whole week ahead.  Take it as it comes.

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