Media fact checkers showing their bias

The mainstream media doesn’t need any more help in attacking President Donald Trump. But they are getting it.

If you don’t believe it, Fox News' Brit Hume says all you have to do is look at the way the President's Oval Office speech was fact checked by the mainstream media.

“The ambition of journalists to get in on the opinion game is so strong, they are coming in all the doors, including the fact check door,” Hume stated.  

U-H political science professor Jacquie Baly tells KTRH we've reached the point where if you are conservative, the media will be on the attack, even if your name isn't Trump.

“There will be attacks, but when you’re a conservative like Trump and you call out the media, everything goes out the window including facts,” Baly explained, adding that anything the media can do to dismantle the President's message or agenda, they will try to do it.

hannity destroy-trump media frenzy

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