King Jay Died in Accident, Father Buried Body

An arrest affidavit filed today against Christopher Davila says his eight month old son King Jay Davila died following an accident at his home while he was in the care of his father, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

According to the affadavit, the baby was sitting in the carseat on the edge of the bed while Christopher was playing video games. At one point the baby fell to the floor and landed on his head.  Later that evening, Christopher went to check on the baby and found him dead.

At that point, police allege that the entire family concocted a scheme to make it appear that the baby vanished in a car theft, while in reality, Davila put his little body into a backpack and buried him in a field near his home off Midcrown Dr. on the northeast side.

Police had said last night that they believed the baby was dead.

Davila and two other family members were charged with tampering with evidence. 

Police will update this case later this morning.

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