POLL: Americans warming up to facial recognition; Are you?

Facial recognition technology has been part of our lives for years, and now a new poll says more people are warming up to the idea of having law enforcement use it.

A new poll shows only one in four believe the use of this technology should be restricted by the Federal Government. Daniel Castro with the Center for Data Innovation tells KTRH he thinks it’s because we are used to the same kind of technology when we use our phones.

“It makes the technology very familiar to the everyday user in a way that it wasn’t two years ago,” Castro stated.

Joe Gamaldi with the Houston Police Officers Union wasn't surprised by the result.

“We’ve been in support of this for quite some time. Anything that can help us identify criminals, we’re on board,” Gamaldi said.

Gamaldi also understands why people were more hesitant about this technology in the past.

“Anytime we present new technology there’s always the fear of Big Brother,” Gamaldi explained, adding that if you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about.

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