Your Car is spying on You

For now, it's mostly the same as how you're tracked on the Internet, to see what you might want to buy. But future data collection may be much more sinister.

Tech journalist John Quain is at CES in Las Vegas and he says your car knows more than you think.

"You don't know it but the car companies are already tracking you and doing all of those things; how fast you're going, where you're going, who you're visiting."

Quain says you might not want all of your driving behavior shared.

"What your favorite radio stations are -- which they already track -- maybe how heavy you are, where you've gone and that can be used against you."

Quain says many Millennials aren't concerned about privacy because they're used to trading information for free content and services.

"The younger generations don't seem to be as concerned about privacy and they're willing to make that trade-off to be tracked, to be monitored for the convenience of tapping a button on their smart phone and getting something sent to them immediately."

But Quain says some of the tracking will be good; let's say you need fuel and as you near a gas station a discount offer will pop up on your infotainment screen.

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