Traditional masculinity is now bad, too

It seems that there’s been a war waged on masculinity in recent years. We’ve heard about masculinity being ‘toxic.’ Now traditional masculinity is bad, too.

That is, if you believe the American Psychological Association. A new report from the group deems 'traditional masculinity' as harmful and could lead to violent behavior in the future. Christine Hoff Summers with the American Enterprise Institute tells KTRH this is one of those 'facepalm' moments.

“This is disheartening. This is the leading organization for American psychologists,” Hoff Summers said.

Conservative author Suzanne Venker says the left wants to make it tough to tell the difference between men and women.

“They want to make men and women interchangeable, where you can’t tell them apart other than from looking at them. The behaviors are supposed to be interchangeable,” she explained, adding that the goal is to feminize men.

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