Trump visits border today

After making his making his case for the border wall to the American people, President Donald Trump will assess the situation with his own eyes when he visits the border today.

The President will be in McAllen to see things for himself. Chris Cabrera with the National Border Patrol Council, who is stationed in McAllen, tells KTRH what he will see is a Border Patrol that is pushed to their limit right now.

“It’s a mess down here. Since October first we’ve been getting hit like never before,” Cabrera said.

Political analyst Chris Begala says Trump could do the wall on his own by declaring an emergency, but that won't happen just yet.

“What he wants to do first is exhaust all of the possibilities,” Begala stated.

The issue of border security has led to the shutdown. Border Patrol agents like Cabrera are not getting paid. But Cabrera says there's still a job to do.

“Most people are for it and say that since we are already in this mess, let’s just get it done,” Cabrera explained.

But he does admit some agents need the money, and would like to see the government up and running again.

Agents Patrol Texas Border To Stop Illegal Immigrants From Entering U.S.

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