Texas leaders vow to solve education and property tax problems

Governor Greg Abbott held a joint press conference with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen to talk about their priorities for the 86th legislative session.

The trio reaffirmed their commitment to working together to advance solutions to the challenges facing the Lone Star State.

“As we head into the legislative session, Texans can rest assured that we are prepared to work together to take on the challenges facing our state.” said Governor Abbott. “The task ahead of us is clear — we must reform our school finance system, limit the growth of skyrocketing property taxes, and provide greater opportunities for every Texan. I look forward to working alongside Lieutenant Governor Patrick and Speaker Bonnen and all members of the legislature to create an even brighter future for our state.”

Abbott said they must reform our school finance system and limit the growth of skyrocketing property taxes.

Bonnen said that includes doing better for teachers.

"The path to more money in education should not be out of the classroom. We must keep the best teachers in the classroom and not punish them by not allowing them to make more without going to administration," said Bonnen.

The trio agree to also tackle issues of reforming the school finance system, property taxes, helping storm victims and violence in schools.

Abbott even brought up the recent murder of seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes.

"We need to understand that one reason for it is because of a plague of the growing problem of gangs and sometimes cartel related gangs," said Abbott.

He said one of the first Anti-Gang Task Forces created was in Houston about a year and a half ago.

The governor said they come to the session with a voter mandate to address property taxes and fund education.

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