Roommate Steals $10M Lotto Ticket, Collect Criminal Charge

(Vacaville, CA)  --  A California man is facing grand theft charges after trying to cash in his roommate's ten-million-dollar lottery ticket.  

Vacaville police say a man bought a 30-dollar scratcher last month and thought he had won just ten-thousand dollars.  Excited nonetheless, he told his roommates about it.  That's when police say one of those roommates bought the same kind of ticket, scratched it and switched it out with the winner.  When the man discovered what he thought was the winning ticket was now worthless, he filed a police report.  

The roommate discovered the ticket was actually worth ten-million dollars and went to the lottery office in Sacramento Monday to collect.  All he collected was a criminal charge, as the police were waiting.

Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

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