Is Apple in trouble?

Though it was recently the first company to be valued at a trillion dollars, some say Apple's best days are behind them. Apple isn't a big player at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and iPhone sales have slowed.

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield is at CES in Vegas and he says the iPhone is going to fall behind Android again when 5G phones are sold this spring.

"The thing is we all are going to need brand new hardware; we're gonna have to get new phones."

Apple is not expected to support 5G with its next iPhone, or foldable screens. But Garf says that probably won't hurt sales with iPhone fans in the U.S.

"No matter what Apple does or what Apple doesn’t do they're gonna defend them and they're going to stand in line and they're going to buy these products."

Apple doesn't do as well selling iPhones in Europe or Asia and because the new phones are so expensive, iPhone owners have been keeping theirs longer than in the past.

Garf says Apple's lack of significant recent innovation reflects the smart phone market, overall.

"Not many people are upgrading or replacing them every year, and so, yes, you look and you hear the news that Apple stock is not doing as well and has lost all of this money -- without a doubt it's big news because it's the world's largest company. But the entire smart phone industry is in flux and a downturn right now."

Garf says new tech like 5G and foldable screens could energize smart phone buyers -- but those things aren't expected on iPhones any time soon. Android phones will be the first with those features, this spring.

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