WATCH: Crenshaw Calls out Fellow Lawmaker

A freshman Houston Congressman is setting the tone for honest debate in Washington.  Republican Dan Crenshaw - who just took the seat vacated by the retiring Ted Poe - called out Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson on Twitter after the Congressman compared President Trump to Hitler.  But Crenshaw says Johnson's comments didn't stop there...

"...You went on to insult, degrade, and demean tens of millions of Americans who voted for him; called them drug-addicted, uneducated, unhappy alcoholics.  This is a cowardly form of politics... No matter how much I will disagree with you in Congress, I will never, ever insult the good Americans who voted for you... And if I ever do you better call me out on it, because I can't imagine a worse form of leadership."

Crenshaw also issued a challenge...

"Pick on somebody your own size.  Pick on me if you like.  My office will be right down the hall from yours.  I'll see you in Washington."

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