These Aren’t your Dad’s Station Wagons!

You may occasionally feel nostalgic for your old family station wagon. The one you sat in for hours on vacations, the one that picked you up from school, the one that smelled like your dog!

Now you mostly see station wagons driving around River Oaks and The Memorial Villages. Jerry Reynolds, The Car Pro, says most of today’s stations wagons and not for the budget minded!  He recently drove a Jaguar Sportbreak.  “The thing about the Jag wagon is --- it looks like a Jag!  It’s not your dad’s station wagon. It looks like a pretty sporty looking rig!”

Like the Jaguar, the Mercedes Benz and Porsche wagons you see in “those” neighborhoods are not cheap.   The Porsche Panarama  starts $97,000, the Mercedes Benz AMG Wagon starts at $107,000.

If someone really wants a wagon – he usually steers them to a Volvo. “Volvo has continued to make great station wagons for many years. They have some style and are such good cars.”   

Reynolds says only 1% of the total number of vehicles sold last year were station wagons. No wonder we see so few of them now.  But – given who’s making them these days – wouldn’t it be great to be one of those “one percenters!”

You can hear Jerry Reynolds The Car Pro Show on KTRH this Saturday morning at 11:00.

your dad's station wagon

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