The character of America has changed

Take a look around you today. You see how our country has changed over the years. You see how our character has changed over the years. And it might not have changed for the better.

The country we have today is far different than the one our forefathers imagined according to author and psychoanalyst Michael Gellert.

“Their idea of America was a country that was a beacon of light for the rest of the world, largely through its democratic process,” Gellert told KTRH.

But what we have now is, he says, very different.

“Today we have a heroism based on conquest, on having one up over somebody,” Gellert stated.

Therapist Julie Nise says part of the reason for that is because of the identity politics we have today.

“We have way too many social experiments going on instead of reconnecting or reinvigorating the things that made us great and strong,” Nise explained.

And that no team, company, or country can have success when the focus is on the individual rather than the team.

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