Tailoring the gun industry to women

It’s reported that women account for 47 percent of the Americans who are interested in buying a firearm, but haven’t done so, yet.

Opposed to gun stores that normally cater to hunters or are small shops with rows of rifles and cases of handguns, there’s a new luxury, boutique department store concept tailored to women’s needs.

Walker and Taylor partner Emily Taylor is an independent program attorney with U.S. Law Shield,

She said the man behind the counter most likely has the best intentions when selling guns to either sex, but simply cannot relate what it's like to be a woman trying to carry.

"If I'm at the store and there's a woman behind the counter, she's not going to hand me a Wilson Combat knowing that it's going to be really stiff and difficult. Maybe she's going to hand me something different that's going to be easier for smaller hands to manipulate," said Taylor.

She said a women selling guns to women is one way to break down barriers.

"The differences in just anatomy and biologically how a gun is going to fit on my hips versus his, makes a huge difference what I'm trying to select what to buy," said Taylor.

She said if the experience changes make a woman feel more comfortable buying a gun, whether it's a boutique-like experience, or women behind the counter, there will be a big uptick in female buyers.

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