Kids are Gone – So is Your Savings!

The cost of raising a child today, not including college or trade school, is nearly $234,000!  Once the nest is empty, many couples find themselves low on savings. Doug Pike, Host of "50 Plus" heard weekends on KTRH, says it's a scary situation. How did this happen, Doug?  “They get themselves into a mess by not setting down rules when their kids were little.  Then wake up one day, the kids are “out of the nest” and they realize their savings is low or gone probably because of their earlier over-indulgence.”  Pike also thinks you should have a quick, firm talk with your adult children. Items to cover:

“1) Good Luck.”
2) “You’re an Adult.”
3) “Take Care of Yourself.”

He adds, “I have read so much about how people in their last 10 or 15 years their careers don’t have $500 in cash – let alone $5,000!”  A financial advisor can help you put your finances back in order and help you do some serious cash building for retirement.  You can hear Doug Pike’s “50 Plus”  weekends on both KTRH and KPRC AM950. 

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