Dreamers got out the Vote in 2018

A California think tank study finds "dreamers" helped turn historically red counties blue this past election. DACA illegal aliens helped get out the vote and -- in some cases -- voted illegally.

Curtis Collier of U.S. Border Watch says we've caught illegal voters in Harris County.

"They're not American citizens but they still register to vote in large numbers; we've seen that, there's proof of that -- matter of fact, we've had some prosecutions in Texas over that."

Collier says even if dreamers don't actually vote, they shouldn't be trying to sway others.

"Yeah, I think if you're not legal to vote yourself you shouldn't be trying to promote other people to vote and in some cases we have seen illegal aliens registering people to vote, which in itself is a violation."

The study found Latino voting, in some counties, up 96% from 2014 to 2018.

Collier says the answer is simple.

"One thing, we need to eliminate the DACA issue and get that situation stopped. Either make them American citizens, do something of that sort, or eliminate it completely; and the best thing we can do to eliminate this in the future is build that concrete wall."

The 'Latino Policy & Politics Initiative' study found dramatically increased Latino voter turnout in eight states flipped 20 house seats from GOP to Democrat.

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