What color not to wear to a job interview

A survey found that orange was the worst color to wear to a job interview and the color most associated with unprofessionalism

Ducci Associates CEO and founder Jackie Ducci said you never know what the person who is sitting across from you, interviewing you, is thinking.

"I don't think it's the kind of thing where the color that you wear is going to necessarily cost you a job. But, it does portray an image and the reality is that somebody may have a judgment about that, so you just never know," said Ducci.

She said wear neutrals, like navy, gray, cream, and black.

"You always kind of want to go as neutral as possible, because that's just the most universally palatable option," said Ducci.

What colors mean:

navy blue = professional / team player

black =  leadership / powerful

gray = is logical / sophisticated

white = organized.

brown = dependable.

red = attention-seeking

Green, Yellow, Purple and Orange = distracting

Ducci said instead of wearing a red dress, perhaps wear red earrings or accessory. Also, job hunters should check out potential employer's Web site to see what employees are wearing, if it's more casual business or conservative business suit attire.

She said when hiring managers are interviewing, they're trying to fish out who is a fit for their culture.

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